Every Minute Matters,
 Every Child Matters,
 Every Childhood Matters


Protect all children from exploitation and abuse, and ensure their physical, mental and spiritual development


Serve the child protection ecosystem by supporting grassroots action and activists, identifying and scaling out sustainable solutions, investing in bold innovation, leveraging technology, and promoting strategic and coordinated efforts at all levels


The exploitation of children, particularly child trafficking, is an organised and complex crime, operating across state and national borders. However, funding for this issue and civil society’s response are fragmented, disorganised and project-based, and often lack the data and capacity to effectively combat the crime. ICPF mobilises national and international donors to funnel their resources into a strategic and holistic strategy aimed at solving the problem.


ICPF is committed to ending child sexual abuse, both offline and online. 

We invite individuals and organisations who have questions about any aspect of our work, especially research, to reach out to us for mutual learning and meaningful dialogue. 

Details of our work and methodology cannot be shared publicly due to the sensitive nature of the issue involved for obvious reasons. Further, this may adversely impact ongoing initiatives.

We look forward to engaging with anyone who shares our mission to end the sexual abuse of children.

Contact: info@icpf.org.in