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India Child Protection Fund (ICPF) is an non- profit Organisation,that works against the online exploitation of children and tries to create a safe online space for children in India. Founded in the year 2019, by Nobel Peace Laureate Shri Kailash Satyarthi, ICPF envisions creating a reduction in Child Sexual Abuse Material(CSAM) demand in the public web in India, increase prosecution and create a child-friendly space through active participation and collaboration with Government, Law Enforcement Agencies, Judiciary, and civil societies. Apply for the open positions below: 


Manager-level Positions


  1. Manager, Technology (Delhi)

  2. Manager, Program Support (Delhi)

Programme Coordinator Positions


  1. PC, Technology (Delhi)

  2. PC, Technology (Madhya Pradesh)

  3. PC, Program Support (Delhi)

  4. PC, Communications (Delhi)

Programme Officer Positions


  1. PO, Human Resources (Delhi)

  2. PO, Documentation (Delhi)

Legal Consultant

  1. Legal Consultant (Delhi)

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