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The India Child Protection Fund (ICPF) is built on the idea that all children must be protected from exploitation and abuse, and their physical, mental and spiritual development must be ensured. We serve the child protection ecosystem by supporting grassroots action and activists, identifying and scaling out sustainable solutions, investing in bold innovation, leveraging technology, and promoting strategic and coordinated efforts at all levels.


We are building a lean and highly motivated core team to drive this mission. Exciting challenges lie ahead – growing the organisation ground-up, organising civil society response into a social movement, breaking the risk-averse, project-based approach of the sector, and fundamentally transforming the funder-grantee ecosystem. If you are driven to solve the problems of child protection, apply for the open positions below.


Director-level Positions


  1. Director, Grants and Program Support

  2. Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  3. Director, Research

  4. Director, Communications

  5. Director, Technology, Innovation and Partnerships

  6. Director, Operations  - Closed


Manager-level Positions


  1. Manager, Grants

  2. Manager, Program Support

  3. Manager, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  4. Manager, Knowledge Management

  5. Manager, Research

  6. Manager, Communications

  7. Manager, Finance - Closed

  8. Manager, Human Resources - Closed

  9. Manager, Information Technology

  10. Manager, Office Administration

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