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SR./Manager, program support

Reporting: Director, Grants and Program Support


Purpose: Responsible for supporting and managing the network of ICPF donors and grantees, he/she shall work with the team to enhance the strength of the Grants & Program Support team, to raise funds for ICPF, disseminates funding to grantees, and supports their work.


Location: New Delhi, India


The India Child Protection Fund (ICPF) is a new social impact fund focussed on child protection. The mission of ICPF is to serve the child protection ecosystem by supporting grassroots action and activists, identifying and scaling out sustainable solutions, investing in bold innovation, leveraging technology, and promoting strategic and coordinated efforts at all levels. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India and shall invest in child protection initiatives in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


The exploitation of children, particularly child trafficking, is a highly organized and complex crime which operates across state and national borders. In order to combat this crime, civil society’s response needs to be more strategic, organised and sustainable, and backed by empirical evidence. ICPF is mobilizing regional philanthropies and international donors to funnel their resources into a strategic and holistic strategy aimed at solving the problem. Driven by activists and grassroots experience, ICPF shall fundamentally transform the donor-grantee ecosystem in the region. It shall create a level playing field for funding, define sector standards, build capacities, promote greater collaboration and enable bold, data-driven approaches and innovations.


The Manager, Program Support shall be responsible for providing grantees and partners the necessary support, including capacity building and technical support, to achieve our collective goals.


  • Build an open and trusting relationship with grantees to assess their capacity building needs and organisational gaps which may negatively impact the program delivery and impact evaluation

  • Ensure that grantees receive relevant, timely and technically sound capacity building support in all program areas including operations and management, to deliver on program outcomes

  • Ensure grantees have access to the necessary technical support and networks to implement programs

  • Manage shared services for grantees which may include support with hiring, data management, communication and design, legal and budget management

  • Manage national and regional networks of child professionals to support grantees

  • Advise grantees on planning, partnerships and organisation development, as needed

  • Manage risk assessment and mitigation for ICPF-supported programs

  • Provide timely feedback and alerts on corrective actions required to avoid delays in implementation, including flagging operational issues and risks requiring action

  • Monitor grantees for compliance with ICPF internal policies

  • Communicate the needs and challenges faced by grantees to ICPF, to inform future plans, implementation strategies and research


  • Postgraduate degree or equivalent in a relevant domain

  • Technical expertise in child protection issues

  • 8+ years relevant work experience in project management, partnerships, or other relevant roles

  • Fluency in English and Hindi, spoken and written. Fluency in an additional regional Indian language is an advantage

  • Strong communication skills, written and verbal

  • Problem-solving and analytical capabilities, with the ability to develop creative and simple solutions for challenging problems

  • Strong interpersonal skills, self-motivated and result-driven, with ability to effectively build and manage networks and relationships for program promotion and issue-resolution.

  • Values-alignment with ICPF and a passion to solve problems of child protection

  • Strong computer and digital literacy including advanced use of MS Office

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