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Director, Research and Knowledge Management

Reporting: Chief Executive Officer


Purpose: The Director, Research and Knowledge is a key leadership role to ensure that the organisation expands the current knowledge base about child protection in the region through research and knowledge management, to enable evidence-based solutions.


Location: New Delhi, India


The India Child Protection Fund (ICPF) is a new social impact fund focussed on child protection. The mission of ICPF is to serve the child protection ecosystem by supporting grassroots action and activists, identifying and scaling out sustainable solutions, investing in bold innovation, leveraging technology, and promoting strategic and coordinated efforts at all levels. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India and shall invest in child protection initiatives in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The exploitation of children, particularly child trafficking, is a highly organized and complex crime which operates across state and national borders. In order to combat this crime, civil society’s response needs to be more strategic, organised and sustainable, and backed by empirical evidence. ICPF is mobilizing regional philanthropies and international donors to funnel their resources into a strategic and holistic strategy aimed at solving the problem. Driven by activists and grassroots experience, ICPF shall fundamentally transform the donor-grantee ecosystem in the region. It shall create a level playing field for funding, define sector standards, build capacities, promote greater collaboration and enable bold, data-driven approaches and innovations.


The Director Research and Knowledge Management shall lead the team responsible for the following streams of work:

  1. Ethical, high quality and strategic research on child protection to expand the knowledge base of the issue in the region

  2. Qualitative and quantitative data management of all data generated from ICPF-supported programs in an efficient and usable system

  3. Strategic positioning and dissemination of research and knowledge to inform practice and policy in the child protection ecosystem in the region


The Director, Research and Knowledge Management shall have the skills and experience to deliver on Key Performance indicators (KPIs) in the following areas:


1.Strategic Planning and Implementation

  a. Research

  • Identify research areas to achieve strategic goals, as conceptualised in the Annual Action Plan

  • Manage all ICPF and ICPF-supported research projects (primary and secondary)

  • Manage and ensure fulfilment of contracts and deliverables of external research partners

  • Ensure capacity of Research and Knowledge Management team on research design, implementation and tools

  • Liaise with key policy, research and academic institutes and individuals in the child protection ecosystem for partnerships and to disseminate research findings

  • Ensure ethical and quality compliance of research design and research reports with international standards, of all ICPF and ICPF-supported research

  • Ensure timely publishing of research reports and dissemination of findings in coordination with the Communications team

  • Manage budgets and resource allocation for research projects

  • Provide research inputs to other teams, as needed

  • Provide technical inputs to the Grants team to evaluate grant applications, especially for research grants

  • Continuously identify opportunities to apply research findings to programs and policy, and identify gaps to conduct further research in close collaboration with Grants and Program Support team and the  Technology, Innovation and Partnership team

  • Lead ICPF’s representation at national and international research platforms, including at conferences, seminars and in academic journals


  b. Knowledge Management

  • Create and manage ICPF knowledge management systems

  • Manage the inflow of qualitative and quantitative data from ICPF-funded and ICPF partner programs in a usable and comprehensive knowledge management system

  • Ensure quality and meaningfulness of qualitative and quantitative data from ICPF-funded and ICPF partner programs in collaboration with the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) team

  • Provide monthly updates on insights drawn from the knowledge management system to build internal knowledge

  • Provide inputs for program improvement, program design, MEL and innovation, as needed


2. Leadership and Organisation Development

  • Lead by example and ensure that ICPF’s organisation culture and the behaviour and decisions of its associates are aligned to serving the child protection system and solving the problem

  • Ensure a shared understanding of organisation values, the team’s strategic priorities and where the team fits into the larger mission of ICPF, as per the internal communications strategy

  • Build a strong, passionate, motivated and competent team which receive the guidance, professional development opportunities, support and resources to perform their roles with efficiency

  • Conduct quarterly and annual appraisals of the Research and Knowledge Management team to ensure that KPIs of team members are monitored and achieved, and timely corrective action is taken where needed such that the mission of ICPF is always on track

  • Ensure that the Research and Knowledge Management team remains abreast with the latest research, policies, legislation and research methodology and tools in child protection and allied sectors

  • Represent the mission, vision and strategies of ICPF on relevant external in a coherent, accurate and strategic manner


3. Governance  

  • Ensure compliance of the team with board-approved internal policies and governance framework

  • Liaise with other departments and stakeholders to identify knowledge gaps and program and innovation priorities to input into the ICPF Annual Action Plan

  • Participate in overall governance of the organisation as part of the Management Committee


  • Postgraduate or Doctoral degree in a relevant subject matter

  • 10+ years relevant work experience in research, knowledge management or other relevant roles

  • Fluency in English and Hindi, spoken and written. Fluency in an additional regional Indian language is an advantage

  • Strong communication skills, written and verbal

  • Strong knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methodology, research tools, data analysis and knowledge management systems and software

  • An eye for detail and precision

  • Problem-solving and analytical capabilities, with the ability to develop creative and simple solutions for challenging problems

  • Values-alignment with ICPF and a passion to solve problems of child protection

  • Team management skills

  • Strong computer and digital literacy including advanced use of MS Office

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